Fiber Optics Planning

  • Follow the type of network customer want to build.
  • define paths where customer want to build the network.
  • Continue with the high level outside plant design of the network.
  • Verify the high level design in the field to make sure that the network is constructive. Fine-tune and correct the design where needed.
  •  Create the low-level design with all fiber level splice connections and labeling.
  • Release this low level design to the construction.

Fiber Optics Installation

  • Digging for installation and back filling.
  • Laying HDPE/PVC pipes , in paths after digging then warning tape.
  • Cable pulling/blowing in the Pipe.
  • Jointing of cables.
  •   Testing & commissioning.
  • Pouring and installation of Hand holes.
  • Documentation and as built drawings.
  • Installation of all FTTH components like splitters, ODFs, TBs, RACKs, etc.

Fiber Optics Maintenance

  • Scheduled Preventive surveys.
  • Our Teams are handling Faults around the clock.
  • Teams covering the roads to fix problems according contracted SLA.

Fiber Optics Tools

  • Tel.Support believe that owned Tools are very important Asset for assuring high Quality Service within the planned time either for installation or maintenance.
  • Tel.Support Own Tools such as Splice Machine, OTDR site master and E1, Datacom and BER Testers